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    Is there any option to get the drinks package for one person when booking with multiple?

    My sisters don’t want to pay for a drinks package but I would like to have peace of mind when cruising (aka not worrying if one day I want to have 5 alcoholic drinks or just juice, tea, etc in day). I am going on RC this September. submitted by /u/Stock-Explanation635 to r/Cruise [link]...
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    Texas school shooting: CBS reporter calls Beto press conference appearance 'clearly staged'

    submitted by /u/JustJohn02421 to r/TexasPolitics [link] [comments]
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    Kids are great

    submitted by /u/Gerry1of1 to r/Snorkblot [link] [comments]
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    Recently I find myself very attracted to chubby/overweight girls

    By recently I mean it's been about 5 years since I've become aware of my progressive shift regarding what I find attractive on a girl. I'm currently 21 years old, the first instance where I first noticed I was having a huge crush on a chubby girls was at highschool, I was 15 years old at that...
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    I didnt know that we can get this kind of rewards.

    submitted by /u/LeoMatFM_ to r/destiny2 [link] [comments]
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    Which fictional McDonald's you would want to go?

    submitted by /u/OtakuDudeJP to r/TheDevilIsAPartTimer [link] [comments]
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    Deconstructing The Unmade Batman Beyond Live Action Film (2000)

    submitted by /u/buffaloroambuford to r/sciencefiction [link] [comments]
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    Would this be possible?

    Is there anyway to control the volume for my Sonos sound bar? I can adjust it when it is playing music on spotify or any other streamed content from my phone. But i was wondering if there some way to adjust the volume via the watch when the sound bar is being used as a tv speaker. I know i can...
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    A song I made

    submitted by /u/filledwithselfdoubt_ to r/singing [link] [comments]
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    Error on multiplayer “Can’t talk to PSN”

    I am not sure what is happening but my friend and I are trying to start up a world that we played about a year ago. I clicked on the world we wanted and it said “Can’t talk to PSN”. I saw some other redditor say that you should delete game saved data and then reupload to the game and that didn’t...
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    Advanced Torture Technique

    submitted by /u/avashad to r/Funnystuffiwanttosabe [link] [comments]
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    When you ship these two but you already people going to hate it

    submitted by /u/EMILYL0VEKREW to r/GachaFnaf [link] [comments]
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    They followed their ex on instagram

    My ex (21f) and I broke up a month and a half ago. She broke up with me due to her mental health. I was doing good getting over her this week i thought. I reached out for the last time almost two weeks ago to try and fix thing and go on a date. At first they agreed to it, but i woke up the next...
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    I don't know much about what goes on in a courtroom but I'm hearing from a lot people in the comments on this sub talking about felony purgery charges for AH. In all reality, what does this mean? More specifically, as of today what do you think the worst case scenario is for miss turd...
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    Bump / Lump under skin on jawline

    Age: 27 Sex: M Height: 5'11 Weight: 230 Race: South Asian Duration of complaint: 2-3 days (so far) Location (Geographic and on body): Any existing relevant medical issues (if any): High BP Current medications (if any): N/A On Sunday, my dad gave me a hug and I realized the left side of my face...